Frequently Asked Questions

Name and contact # of someone who speaks English at the Palace?
Nicole is in the US, and the Dominican concierge speaks English too.

What is the best time to call?
Contact us anytime: +1 978-409-2739 or +1 937-789-3587 or 809-722-2276

If I would like to extend my stay, how would I go about doing that?
We may be able to add additional nights when you contact us to make your reservation.

Kids & Families

Is it a good fit for families? I have 2 children that are 3 and 13yrs old, can I bring them?
Yes, your children are welcome. The meal plan for the 3 year old is free! and the meal plan for the 13 year old is $80 per day plus tax and service charge. We have complimentary roll away beds and even a set of Bunk Beds, which might be fun for the kids! Both will fit in the room nicely. There are many things for younger guests to do, but it may not be appropriate for kids under the age of 3 because of the amount of stairs.

How much per day to add children to the meal plan?
Meal plan ages 5 to 12 is $50/day.
For children 13 to 17 is $80.
Children under 5 are free.
Try our Cost Calculator to estimate your total cost of tax and service.

How much per day to add our children to the room?
Children under 17 can stay in your room at no additional cost.

Taxes and Fees
Dominican tax is 18% and the Dominican Service fee is 10%.
Taxes and fees are included only in the all-inclusive promotions.
The taxes and fees are collected when you make your reservation.

Health & Accessibility

Are there elevators and internet on the property
Yes, there is an elevator. 

I have asthma and am concerned about how well the air conditioning works
The air conditioning works well, just be sure to mention that you need it to remain on continuously or it will cycle into energy-save mode.

Meals & Food

What cuisine is the food?

Meals can be described as locally influenced with a high concentration of foods that are fresh and local.

Must guests to adhere to certain meal times?

As long as guests communicate their needs and wants, we will do whatever we can to accommodate them.

What about food option for Vegetarians?

Vegetarians will enjoy a wide variety of fresh fruits, salads, soups, and pastas.
Meals are made to order and vegetarians will not have any problems with the menu.

Alcohol & Beverages

Is there an all inclusive alcohol option?
There are no alcohol-inclusive meal plans available at this time. Contact us for planning special events which include alcohol.

Airports & Transportation

Nearest International Airport? What airport would we fly into when checking airfare?
Puerto Plata (POP)

How far are you from the Puerto Platan airport?
One hour and fifteen minutes by car

Can I assume the all inclusive offer does not include airfare??
No, I am sorry but this promotions do not include airfare.

Can you rent a car?
The Palace offers complimentary car service within a 20 minute radius of The Palace (local beaches, golf course, shopping, etc.).

What’s the most cost effective way to get from and back to the airport?
A taxi from Puerto Plata Airport ranges from $90 to $120 depending on who you get. The Palace can arrange airport transfers for $120 each way per taxi for up to as many as four people in one taxi depending on the amount of luggage.

Is there any sort of shuttle service at the airport?
There is not a shuttle service to and from the airport but the Palace can arrange airport transfers for $120 each way.


Just Curious

How was the Palace Built? How long did it take?

The Palace was built over a 7 year period and completed in 2009. Read more about the architect and the Balaji Palace.